I'm a leadership trainer, coach and speaker known for getting at what’s really going on and a knack for forcing tough issues with both warmth and persistence. Drawing on my training in social sciences, research into wellbeing and work, and own experience in management, I help business leaders develop confidence in their own authentic leadership style and overcome fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back.

My clients advance their careers, rising up to the challenges of more senior leadership positions by:

  • Transitioning from being an individual contributor who excels at getting things done to being a strategic enterprise leader who oversees an organization of people
  • Improving their communication and collaboration to have more productive (and enjoyable!) working relationships and have difficult conversations with ease
  • Learning to prioritize and manage their time and resources better
  • Overcoming self-doubt and managing performance anxiety
  • Living their best life and keeping it all in balance

Do You Know What You Could Do Today to Get You and Your Team Where You Want to Be Tomorrow?

There is one difference between people who truly better themselves and those who try but fail to change in any substantive way. The people who transform themselves do so from the inside out.

What distinguishes my leadership training and executive coaching is that I help my clients work to change both their outer life (habits and behaviors) but also their inner life (beliefs, feelings, fears) that have historically kept them stuck in ways of working that no longer work. 


Individualized Coaching

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not sure what's next, or you're on the verge of a leap of faith. Maybe you've been told, or you suspect, that you lack executive presence, or that you're not as effective at managing others as you'd like to be. Or you have someone on your team that you just know could be CEO one day, if only they could _____ (be more assertive, be less aggressive, think bigger, focus more on execution).

My clients learn a lot about themselves from multiple strands of data. Then we work through the complexities of their situation to get at the very essence of who they are and how that impacts how they show up at work (and in life!). We work on concrete and specific actions that they commit to practicing over and over again. And we examine, test, and shift the patterns of thinking and feeling that have them stuck.

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Training and Speaking

I help business leaders get ready to take on the demands of more senior leadership roles, and I help senior management select who the right people are to fill those top spots. Leadership Accelerator programs are designed for the leaders of tomorrow to rise up quickly.

Making those transitions from individual contributor to people manager to senior enterprise leader is tough. Early in our careers, we're rewarded for working head-down, hustling away to get results. And then all of a sudden we find ourselves up for a promotion--or worse, in a senior position but ill-equipped. The very same drive and results-orientation that propels early careers forward can be the very thing that holds promising leaders back: it can make them too aggressive, too soft, too mired in details and not thinking big enough, or taking on too much--on themselves and on behalf of the organization.


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